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Caroline Speakman Trauma Homicidal Bereavement Counsellor domestic and family violence stress anxiety


Caroline Speakman

I am a Trauma and Bereavement Counsellor based in Sydney. In my work and across all areas of life including family, friends and the community I have seen my clients' go through the hardest of times and they have shown such strengths when life doesn't go the way it is supposed to. ​

I am dedicated and compassionate with a desire to help my clients find the better version of themselves. I see and help you realise the potential of who you can be, despite whatever has happened in the past. I share the mental load of your issues and concerns that impact your capacity to be the happy, connected and confident you. 

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Dedicated & Compassionate 

One of my greatest strengths is communication, which means knowing when to listen and when to be silent. I am discrete and confidential. I was a program facilitator for a children's program (ages 4-12) working with Community centres and Anglicare, in trauma response services. My experience with young adults (12-21) is that if they feel they accept you they want to share. I am dedicated, compassionate and rely on my intuition to help young adults feel comfortable.

My deep understanding of trauma helps my clients to feel safe. I help them find the words when it is difficult to describe what’s going on, or what’s happened to a family member.


There are many different ways of counselling with a range of activities to help clients engage. But I focus on making them feel safe and especially when dealing with young people, to help them find a connection to a trusted adult outside their family unit.

There is absolutely no time limit on grief, so don't rush yourself or let others rush you


In 2015, I was a Counsellor with The Homicide Victims Support Group. Whilst working in this group, I felt a calling to specialise in Trauma to help those who have been dealt the devastating blow of the unforeseen or unpredictable loss and helping them find their new normal. I value honesty and truthfulness.

This was both a rewarding and unique experience that opened the door to my connection with young people. I found I related well to their experiences and supported them through challenging times and spent hours listening to the real issues of this generation.

In 2016, I completed intense training with Mal and Dianne McKissock who run the National Centre for Childhood Grief in Sydney. I was very lucky to have been taught by the best in the network of expertise that I was able to access.

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I am a huge supporter of White Ribbon which is part of a global social movement working to eliminate gendered violence. Every Year in November I participate in the White Ribbon Day walk. This year on November the 19th the theme is "How can Men Make Change? Learn, Give, Take Action'.


I am also a supporter of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Daniel Boyd is a survivor of Domestic Violence and in 2020 he launched a video of his story. He is re-launching his video on this very important day. Here is a link to "Daniel's Story". It is powerful and real and encourages anyone going through Domestic Violence to reach Stand Up and Speak out.

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Thank you for all your help and support. You kept me strong for my family and friends in a way they made sure I didn’t miss a visit. Every drive home put me in a better place, thinking of everything we talked about. Thanks again for your support and all your help Caroline. 
Robert ZdravKovic
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